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Saturday, June 25, 2011


The beginning… ah yes everything must start somewhere, & I am beginning this journey today.  I am writing this to anyone who is reading this now and I am writing it with all that I am.   I want you to know this: I create because I love & I love because I create.  I am in love with the world that I live in,   everything you see on this website is sincere and fully inspired by my own life.  It is personal  and my entire heart is put into every piece I create.  What inspires me the most is doubtlessly my family, my family history, my country, nature, and anything else that attaches itself to my heart.  I love animals, The US Coast Guard, fairy tales, Disney, Biology, Nature, Color, the beautiful state of MICHIGAN, Classic Literature, & a million other things.   I could go one by one and tell you why I love what I l love what I love but I hope that my art can speak for itself.  Everything I create I put myself into.  Every piece has a story.  Everything has a message.  I am a very private person but as I begin this journey I realize how important it is to my art that I open myself up to tell you why I am doing what I am doing.  Some pieces represent the lighter & more playful parts of myself, but some speak to the darkest & most sincere parts of myself...either way and no matter what, they are all me & come from the heart.  I hope I can create things that will speak further & well beyond my own heart.
It is always important to me to give credit where credit is due.  My store name is after my mom, Jayne. I cannot express to you enough how she has inspired me to begin this website.  I am not brave enough on my own…and she is also the reason I grew up in the environment that I did, where I could create my art freely.  I am equally inspired by my grandmother who has a classic beauty & style that is beyond anything I have ever seen, or will ever see again.  My grandmother was timeless & classic in way that is so rare it seems impossible.  Still, above anyone else on earth I am inspired by my grandfather.  He was kind, brave, beautiful, sincere, and above anything I could ever imagine.  Everything I do will only ever mean anything because I knew him.   I am so lucky to have known these people so closely.  I am lucky.

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